SACRAMENTO, California — Just after a couple of months of working as an Uber driver, Mr. Joseph McVey is fighting for his life as a victim of an assault inside his Uber car. The Sacramento Police Department has detained 43 year old Cedric Jeter who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats and resisting arrest.

On Sunday night, when Mr. Jeter had reached his destination in the Uber, he began an altercation with Mr. McVey and reached in his pocket for a knife. Nearby security had seen the knife being swung at the Uber driver, and immediately called 911. Once the police arrived, Mr. Jeter was still swinging the knife at the Uber driver.

When he arrived at the hospital, he suffered a massive heart attack, and been in a medically-induced coma since that time. A Go Fund Me Page was started for Mr. McVey who is still in a coma in the hospital, alongside his wife and two daughters. $2,930 has been raised out of $5,000 so far. She has not left her husband’s side since the incident. On top of the pain she has experienced, she is worried about the financial strain that this will cause.

His wife Holly McVey has released the following regarding Uber’s inaction following the driver’s incident:

“Unfortunately this process has been made even harder. We had to track down his Uber car, search for a number to even contact Uber, then waited 5 days for them to even contact us. All while still being charged for the car that was impounded by police. We still have only received one call and no other contact info for Uber to this day.

Joes family is reaching out for help during this time as Joe has a long road ahead of him once he does wake up. As we have faith he will. Joe was the provider for his family. We’re asking for help wherever anyone can. Whether it be financial, helping the family with rides as they now don’t have a car, or even bringing the family dinner. There’s 2 little girls still needing care of at home, waiting for their Daddy to get home.”

Holly had said that she would have hoped Uber would have done more to support full-time Uber drivers, like her husband, during times like this when attacked.

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