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Are You a Victim of Sexual Assault in an Uber in Chicago?

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Is the only multi-state practice in the United States tailored to prosecuting claims involving Uber and Lyft accidents. It is crucial to retain an experienced and knowledgable Uber accident lawyer since Uber accidents can be much more complex.

Were you involved in an assault by an Uber driver in Chicago?

The perpetrator can be held accountable. You may have a civil claim against the Uber driver for the assault/sexual assault depending on the details of the assault/sexual assault. It is vitally important to have a Chicago police report to properly document the crime.

A knowledgable Uber Lawyer can assist you in accessing your assault in Chicago by reviewing the circumstances, including the injury reports and witness statements, if any, in addition to updates to safety requirement made to the laws governing Uber in Michigan, as well as the potential damages. 

Can I Sue the Uber Driver for Sexual Assault?

The perpetrator can be held accountable. You may have a civil claim in Illinois against the Uber driver for the assault/sexual assault depending on the facts of the assault/sexual assault. It is vitally important to make a police report to properly document the crime.

As a Passenger, Can I Sue Uber for the Sexual Assault in Chicago?

If you were assaulted in an Uber, you have a valid claim depending on a few factors, including who the perpetrator was, whether it was the Uber driver or another passenger in an Uber Pool, and whether there was a failure to warn of the assault danger inherent in an Uber ride.

An important part of the Uber Lawyer’s investigation of your assault will be whether Uber violated any of Illinois’ safety requirements during the hiring of the perpetrator-Uber driver.

In any event, Uber no longer required mandatory arbitration in harassment and sexual assault cases, so you are entitled to file a lawsuit in Chicago right after the event.

I am an Uber driver. Can I sue the passenger that assaulted or sexually assaulted me?

The offender can be held accountable. You may file a civil claim against the passenger for emotional trauma, injuries, and other damages reasonably related to the Uber assault/Uber sexual assault.

Retain the Uber Lawyer to conduct an investigation of the Uber assault/Uber sexual assault and review your claim.

I am an Uber driver. Can I sue Uber for an assault or sexual assault?

Uber may held liable in part for your assault/sexual assault. It is important to speak to an Uber lawyer to determine whether Uber would have any fault under Illinois law.

Can I pursue a personal injury claim and sexual assault claim for the Uber Assault at the Same Time?

Yes, depending on your case, you may file a lawsuit against the Uber driver personally as well as Uber for your damages as a result of the assault.

What Steps Should I take as an Uber Sexual Assault Victim?

Call 911 and get seen by a licensed physician as soon as possible. The records from your initial medical visit will prove being very important in your assault lawsuit against Uber and the driver.

Get a copy of the police report, which should include witness statements.

Make sure to keep all relative data submitted to you by Uber. Screenshot everything in the app related to the Uber ride that the assault took place in.

Prepare all assault information, including medical documentation and the Chicago police report, prior to calling our Uber lawyers to most efficiently streamline your consultation.

If I was the victim of an Uber sexual assault, does it matter if I was intoxicated?

The fact that you were under the influence does not mean that you consented to the assault that took place. You may bring an assault claim whether you were intoxicated or not. Contact an Uber Lawyer right now to access your particular case.

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What Illinois’ Safety Requirements for Uber?

Under Illinois law, Uber must conduct background checks of their drivers. Uber cannot employ a driver who (1) has had more than 3 moving violations in the prior three-year period, or one major violation in the prior three-year period including attempting to evade the police, reckless driving, or driving on a suspended or revoked license; (2) has been convicted, within the past 7 years, of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, fraud, sexual offenses, use of a motor vehicle to commit a felony, a crime involving property damage, or theft, acts of violence, or acts of terror; (3) is a match in the National Sex Offenders Registry database; (4) does not possess a valid driver’s license; (5) does not possess proof of registration for the motor vehicle used to provide TNC services; (6) does not possess proof of automobile liability insurance for the motor vehicle used to provide TNC services; or (7) is under 19 years of age.

Illinois like many other states also impose a zero-tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol for Uber drivers in the operation of the vehicle while Uber passengers are inside or the Uber app is turned on.

Have Your Uber Assault Case Reviewed Now

If you were the victim of assault/sexual assault during your Uber ride in Chicago, you are entitled to a civil recovery. The confidentiality of our clients is priority in our practice. If you don’t want your identity disclosed, it is our fiduciary duty to keep your information completely confidential. Don’t settle with a “cafeteria-style” practice area lawyer.

Contact an experienced Chicago Uber lawyer to look into, free of charge, whether you have a valid claim for sexual assault against Uber.  Here at the Uber Lawyer™ we pride ourselves in dedicating ourselves solely to Uber and Lyft matters, including assaults.

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