Beginning May 18th, Uber will be introducing new safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic to better protect its drivers and passengers. Whether you’re an Uber driver or a passenger, you have the ability to notify Uber Support whether another person is not following the new policy, thereby putting yourself and other riders in danger. The liability involved if a rider or driver infects another party during the commercial transaction due to one’s disregard to this new rule is an issue that may arise in this brave new world.

Uber’s New Face Mask Requirement

Uber has gone to the extent to teach its users on how to properly wear a face mask, although the details of the proper face mask have not been posted. This may be disconcerting to those weary of infection, as researchers have recently uncovered that the new virus has the potential to spread even with cloth masks. That being said, HEPA-filters have been said to be more effective. You can see Uber’s instructional videos on how to wear a mask in the Uber here.

Uber’s Selfie Requirement on App for Drivers

Uber is requiring drivers when activating the app interface to take a photo of themselves with a face mask before accepting rides. However, this selfie requirement will not be applied to users who are hailing rides. The new procedure for drivers will be mandated for both Uber driver as well as Uber Eats drivers who service customers with delivery of food items.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says, “Things are going to look a little different for both riders and drivers,” calling the new Uber experience “your second first trip.”

Forget about the Front Seat of the Uber, Riders

Uber will also attempt to maintain some level of social-distancing by disallowing passengers from sitting in the front seats. Applying this to Uber’s rider options, UberX rides can now with the new regulations have only a maximum of 3 passengers—allowed only in the back seat.

Uber Passengers Must Open Windows

According to Uber’s new safety rules, riders will be asked to open windows for ventilation to reduce chances of transmission of the virus amongst the driver and passengers. Riders will also have to confirm they are wearing some type of cover on their face, as well as sanitized their hands.

If you are an UBER or LYFT driver or passenger who has questions about UBER or LYFT accidents or the new rules concerning COVID-19 , contact our UBER and LYFT lawyers to assist you with your potential lawsuit.