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Are You the Victim of Sexual Assault in an Uber in Detroit?

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The Uber Lawyer™ is the only multi-state law practice in the United States exclusively dedicated to Uber and Lyft lawsuits, including assaults. It is imperative to retain an experienced and knowledgeable Uber assault lawyer to file your Uber lawsuit since Uber assaults can be more complex than a typical assault case. Call the Uber Lawyer ™ now for a free consultation.

Were you assaulted by an Uber driver in Detroit?

IIf you were assaulted as a passenger in an Uber in Detroit,  you have a claim against Uber and the Uber driver personally for your emotional distress/injuries. We understand that this incident was very traumatic and life-changing for you. This is why we will fight to keep your identity confidential throughout your lawsuit.

A knowledgable Uber Lawyer can investigate your (sexual) assault by checking the evidence available, including the police report, which includes witness statements. It is also important for a lawyer to check on any new Michigan requirements for the safety of passengers to determine whether any of these had been violated by Uber’s employment of the Uber driver.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against Uber for the Assault?

You are afforded the right to bring a civil lawsuit against Uber and the driver personally for compensation if you were the victim of an assault during your ride. It is important to discuss the options available with an experienced Uber lawyer.

Can I Sue the Uber Driver for Sexual Assault?

The perpetrator can be held accountable by way of a civil lawsuit. You may have a civil claim against the Uber driver for the assault/sexual assault depending on the facts of the assault/sexual assault. It is vitally important to make a police report to properly document the crime.

Retain the Uber Lawyer to conduct an investigation of the Uber assault/Uber sexual assault and review your claim.

I am an Uber driver. Can I sue the passenger that assaulted or sexually assaulted me?

The offender can be held accountable. You may file a civil claim against the passenger for emotional trauma, injuries, and other damages reasonably related to the Uber assault/Uber sexual assault.

I am an Uber driver. Can I sue Uber for an assault or sexual assault?

Uber as your employer may be liable for your assault/sexual assault. It is important to consult laws regarding employer liability in Michigan.

Can I pursue a personal injury claim and sexual assault claim for the Uber Assault at the Same Time?

With a valid sexual assault/assault claim against Uber or the Uber driver, yes. As an Uber assault victim, you have the right to file a sexual assault claim in civil court which includes injuries from the sexual assault.

What are the first steps to take if I was the victim of an Uber Sexual Assault?

The first step to take after the sexual assault is to call 911 and seek medication attention, if needed.

Make sure a police investigation follows, which will include witness reports, and details regarding the assault.

Screenshot all information pertaining to your Detroit Uber ride, including the ride details. This will be important for the Uber lawyer to request GPS data and other information pertaining to your sexual assault.

After you have dealt with the police, if you were not taken to the hospital already, it is important to go a doctor to be examined and fully document your assault. Your medical records will be requested by the Uber lawyer to be used as evidence in your Uber accident claim.

If I was the victim of an Uber sexual assault, does it matter if I was intoxicated?

Whether you were under the influence or not at the time, you were still the victim of a sexual assault. Just because you were unable to say “NO” does not mean that you consented to what took place.

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What are Uber’s Safety Requirements in Michigan?


Detroit Uber Law – PA 345

Under Michigan law, ridesharing companies like Uber are required to perform annual background checks of their drivers’ criminal history as well as obtain their driving records. Michigan also disallows Uber from hiring drivers that: (1) do not provide proof of automobile liability insurance; (2) that have been convicted of a felony within five years prior to the application; (3) that are listed on the National Sex Offender Registry database; (4) are under nineteen years of age; (5) that have had more than four (4) moving violations or one (1) major violation in the prior three years up to the date of application; and (6) that do not have a valid driver’s license issued under the Michigan Vehicle Code or by another state.

Michigan also requires under law that Uber vehicles 5 years or older must be annually inspected by a licensed mechanic. Michigan also follows the zero-tolerance policy for Uber drivers that strictly prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol while operating an Uber and transporting passengers. Determine whether Uber violated any of these safety requirements by contacting a Detroit Uber Lawyer.

What is Uber’s Periods of Insurance Coverage in Michigan?

Period 1 (Passenger in Car/Ride Matched) – $1 million liability coverage.

Period 2 (App open/No Passenger) – $50k liability coverage.

Period 3 – (App off/No ride) – Driver’s Personal Insurance Kicks In.

Have Your Uber Assault Case Reviewed Now

If you were the victim of assault/sexual assault during your Uber ride in Detroit, you may be entitled to a recovery. The confidentiality of our clients is priority in our practice. If you don’t want your identity disclosed, it is our fiduciary duty to keep your information completely confidential. Contact an experienced Detroit Uber lawyer to look into, free of charge, whether you have a valid claim for sexual assault against Uber.

Contact an experienced Detroit Uber lawyer to look into, free of charge, whether you have a valid claim for sexual assault against Uber.  Here at the Uber Lawyer™ we pride ourselves in dedicating ourselves solely to Uber and Lyft matters, including assaults.

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