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CHICAGO — Just today, Chicago announced that, beginning this Saturday, electric scooters will finally hit the city just in time for summer. Despite the grant, city officials remain highly skeptical of the accidents and risks involved with the use of scooters in the city. The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection’s commissioner, Rosa Escareno, warns, “The selected companies will be held accountable to carry out this program on our terms.” Chicago has instituted a number of rules and boundaries to slowly roll out electric scooters in the city.

City Hall determined that it would grant permits for ten e-scooter companies to operate within a designated perimeter in Chicago. The designated area for the scooters will avoid the majority of the downtown area. The pilot program area spans south of Irving Park Road, north of the Chicago River, West of Halsted Road and the Chicago River, and East of Harlem Ave and Chicago city limits.

Where will the Scooters Be Stored?

To avoid problems with the storage of the scooters in the city, Chicago has identified two zones that a quarter of all the scooters will be stored each morning.

Have There Been Rules Imposed by Chicago Officials for Operating an Electric Scooter?

The city has released the following rules for scooter operators to abide by to maintain a level of safety and avoidance of scooter accidents in Chicago. The following regulations have been released, and are available at

  • We walk scooters on the sidewalk.
  • We keep our eyes on the road — be alert and pay attention.
  • We wear helmets.
  • We park scooters with care, outside of sidewalk paths, and by bike racks where possible.
  • We ride in the bicycle lane.
  • We obey all local traffic laws — they apply to us.
  • We don’t ride scooters on the sidewalk.
  • We don’t park scooters in the sidewalk path.
  • We don’t ride intoxicated.
  • We don’t ride with more than one scooter on a scooter.

Other rules that Chicago have imposed are the following:

• Scooters may only be used between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m.
• Scooters are limited to users 18 or older (16 with a guardian’s consent).
• Scooters are limited to only 15 mph.
• Scooters cannot be parked outside the designated area.
• Bicycle parking spots are fair game for scooters.
• Two hour time limit for scooters illegally parked.
• Seats are required for ease of access for people with disabilities.
• Scooters can be unlocked via text if the user has no smartphone.
• Cash payments must be available.
 Free helmets must be made available for users.

Which Scooter Companies Will Roll Out in Chicago?

The e-scooter companies that managed to be included in this summer’s pilot program in Chicago have been allowed a total of 250 shared e-scooters for the next four months whereafter the city will revisit the issue of safety based on the number of scooter accidents during the summer. The companies included in Chicago’s pilot program are the following VeoRide, Bolt, Bird, grüv, Lime, JUMP, Spin, Sherpa, Lyft, and Wheels.

What is the Accident Rate for Scooters in other States

According to medical records from hospitals in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, there were 249 documented ER visits from 2017 to 2018 just for scooter accidents. Injuries that are most commonly associated with scooter accidents are fractures over the body, muscle sprains, dislocations, and, in extreme cases especially with vehicle colissions, traumatic brain injuries.

See the CEO of Scooter Company VeoRide Speak Regarding Chicago Scooter Limits

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