DETROIT — It’s no surprise that electric scooters have changed the transportation scene in Detroit, Michigan. Walking around the city, one will quickly notice the Bird and Lime scooters rolling across Campus Martius Park and along the Detroit Riverside. Especially with new companies like new scooter company, Boaz Bikes, jumping ship to offer their electric scooter to Detroit residents, the “last mile” scooter industry in Detroit has truly become prevalent downtown.


But with the allure and fun of electric scooters, comes serious injuries and even fatalities for drivers in Detroit. Drew Howerton can attest to that. As a college student in Austin, he thought that taking a Lime scooter with his friends to see a Paul McCartney would be a cheap, fun way to get there. There were no helmets available for his ride, and unfortunate to Drew, as he slammed on the breaks at a steep hill, he went flying and suffered a severe head injury, requiring nine stitches. Many people incorrectly assume that driving a scooter cannot be dangerous because they only have a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

Electric Scooter Accidents and Injuries are Rising

Scooter Accidents like Drew’s are not uncommon. In fact, according to a newly released study concerning head injuries from scooter use conducted by Rutger’s University, scooter injuries have tripled in the past several years, and that number is expected to increase with the proliferation of electric scooters. Scooter companies Bird and Lime have tried to make the rentals of their electric scooters safer. They have pushed for more bike lanes in order to accommodate scooter users in Detroit. Scooter companies have also noticed that fatalities occur more often when drivers are intoxicated, thus moving Bird to cease rentals after midnight. Lime has done the same with their scooters in some of the cities that they are available

What Laws does Michigan have in Place for Electric Scooters?

Under MCL 257.657, 257.658, 257.660, and 257.662, Michigan passed into law in 2018 a variety of rules that applies to electric scooters which would constitute an “electric skateboard”. Michigan laws for electric scooters requires, in part, that scooter companies, like Lime and Bird, require:

  • Scooter Operators younger than 19 years of age wear a helmet;
  • Scooter must a floorboard that drivers can stand upon;
  • Scooters must be designed to transport 1 person at a time;
  • Scooter must have a maximum speed of less than 25 mph;
  • Scooters shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable and shall exercise due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction.
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