Steps for an Uber, Lyft Driver to Take if Hurt in an Accident

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In recent years, Uber and Lyft drivers have become an essential part of society. More and more people opt to use rideshare as opposed to using any other form of public transport. Having said that, though, there are reports of a shortage of drivers in recent times.

Uber and Lyft drivers make it possible for many people to travel to their destinations much more easily than with normal public transport. This is possible as they come to the individual and establish their own routes. It is, therefore, critical for Uber and Lyft drivers to understand that they must be insured, especially in the event of an accident.

The shortage of drivers, and the difficulties arising from it, is an indication of how important these drivers have become. This makes it even more dire if a driver is hurt in an accident. This raises the question of what a driver should do when hurt in an accident. There are a number of steps Uber and Lyft drivers can take to ensure that they are covered, especially in the event of an accident.

The Steps for a Driver to Have in Place Before an Accident Occurs

One of the most important things to put in place for an accident is to have insurance. Each of the companies, Uber and Lyft, requires that their drivers have vehicle insurance. The minimum insurance requirement is different for each state. However, a driver could insure his or her own car to its full value.

The driver should also be aware of the fact that Uber and Lyft provide liability insurance. It is important for the driver to check what that covers in their state. However, personal insurance is as important to the driver as company insurance. This will come in handy in case a driver himself or herself is involved in an accident.

Thirdly, each driver should have a good Uber or Lyft lawyer to support them in case of an accident. The lawyers are not affiliated with either one of the two companies, but would be able to assist both drivers and passengers in the event of an accident.

The Steps for an Uber or Lyft Driver to Take When Hurt in an Accident

There are several steps to take when an Uber or Lyft driver is hurt in an accident. It is important to note here that it depends entirely on how severe the injuries are. If the injuries were not severe and the driver was still able to function, the following aspects are important.

The first thing is to ensure that all parties involved are safe and not injured as well. This is particularly important if the driver had a passenger on board already. The scenario would be different if they had not yet picked up a passenger before the accident occurred. Once it is established that everyone, including the driver, is okay, they need to do the following:

  • Call 911 as they are the point of contact for both the police and the paramedics. This is a step that is important in any state in the US.

It is important that the driver is okay and has been checked out by the paramedics or a doctor before taking the following steps.

  • The next step is to call the service – Uber or Lyft – to inform them about the accident. The call center will be able to make an easier connection to the driver’s particular situation and record it more quickly if they were involved in an accident while the Uber or Lyft app was running.
  • They need to file a police report and give all the details regarding the accident.
  • The police report is extremely important when they contact the lawyer.
  • Contacting the lawyer would be the next step.
  • It is especially necessary if the accident occurred when the driver was not on the app. The Uber or Lyft lawyer will need to know as much detail as possible about insurance issues.
  • Insurance issues could arise, particularly if the driver was not on the app when the accident occurred but also when the following happened:
    • There was a passenger on board when the accident occurred.
    • Whether they were on their way to pick up or drop off a passenger.

The lawyer would be able to assist the driver with all insurance issues. However, each driver should be aware of what the insurance requirements are for the state they are in. This will often differ from state to state. The driver should be aware of what is required in their particular state.

The Steps for the Driver When Contacting the Lawyer after the Accident

In the first instance, the driver must be aware that the lawyers will provide a free consultation, so there is no need to be hesitant in contacting them. It is important for them to have at least one Uber or Lyft lawyer on their contact list. They are there to assist drivers who have been involved in an accident.

When contacting the lawyer, the driver needs to provide them with a case number. That is why it is vital for the driver involved in an accident to file a police report. If there were any injuries, the driver needs to provide the lawyers with the medical report or reports as well.

To formulate the case, the lawyer needs to gather all the information into a file for the case. It is the driver’s duty to gather as much information as possible directly after the accident.

Furthermore, the driver should also supply the Uber or Lyft lawyers with all the necessary insurance information pertaining to what the insurance requirements are for their particular city and state. It is important not to delay this aspect. The driver should contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.


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