Automobile liability insurance coverage in Chicago is provided by Allstate Insurance Co which Uber is required to have under Illinois law under the Transportation Network Providers Act. Below is a copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance. Uber’s Certificates of Liability Insurance will particularize with coverage limits the various insurance periods applicable during an Uber ride in Chicago. Guarantee that your Uber accident case is situated correctly with your Chicago Uber Accident Attorney so that your potential injury lawsuit does not suffer. Otherwise, the coverage available under Uber’s ride share insurance can be dramatically reduced.

          Viewing the bottom portion of the certificate of insurance, you will notice that the coverage identifies the description of operations/locations/vehicle associated with that specific Uber period. The police report should contain such vital information so that you can hold Uber’s insurer accountable for that specific auto coverage in Chicago.

Chicago Uber Accident Lawyer - All State Policy


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Chicago Uber Accident Lawyer - Allstate Policy

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If negligence played a part in your injury in your Uber accident, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, wage loss, and more. It is of paramount importance that if you involved in an Uber accident to seek out an experienced Michigan Uber Lawyer that can get you the maximum recovery in your case. Rideshare law is a complex area of personal injury law that is constantly changing due to the evolving nature of the industry. Here at the Uber Lawyer™ we pride ourselves in dedicating ourselves solely to Uber and Lyft accidents.

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