Being injured in an auto accident involving Uber® triggers a completely different set of laws atypical to a general negligence lawyer.  Get the Maximum Dollars You Deserve. Call the Uber Lawyer™.

Involved in an Uber® accident? 

Well you’re at the right place. The Uber Lawyer ™ is the only multi-state practice in the United States specifically tailored to prosecuting claims filed against Uber®, Lyft®, and Via®. If you are a passenger, driver, or third person involved in an Uber® accident in Chicago or Detroit (including Metro-Detroit), you are eligible to become a client. The advent of shared means of transportation has complicated the legal landscape of automobile accidents. 

How is Uber® classified under the law?

Uber® is considered a “TSNP” (Transportation Service Network Provider). What that means is that it must abide by certain regulations, including minimums of insurance coverage, depending on whether the prearranged Uber® ride is ongoing or not.

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